What is a simple manner to maintain the set-up of my Tremcradle equipt guitar?

Always change strings using the same gauge / brand of strings that was used when the Tremcradle was installed and adjusted with!! In this manner you will always maintain your set-up. Another gauge or even only a different string brand will disturb the set-up(!!!) and you’re guitar(shop) technician must repeat the set-up! Also, your Tremcradle equipt guitar needs a tremolo with a wobble free adjusted tremolo-arm for super smooth handling.

Which type of tremolo works well with the Tremcradle?

For good performance we recommend a quality made locking type tremolo with a locking nut, or a good quality two-stud tremolo together with a frictionless nut and (staggered) locking tuning keys.

Can the Tremcradle be installed in any guitar that has a fulcrum type tremolo without routing?

The Tremcradle fits without routing in the tension spring cavities of nearly all guitars. Exceptions are for example pre 1986 *Strat guitars, or guitars that have a recessed routing intended to receive the cavity cover plate.

Here the recess must be removed by routing the screw receiving mounting wall flush or level, so the mounting template can be installed correctly according to the Tremcradle manual installation instructions.

In this case we advice you to make a new custom made cavity cover with access holes to allow tremolo mode switching adjustments. Sometimes cavities are not deep enough and it becomes necessary to rout a little deeper in order to let the Tremcradle swing freely.

My guitar has a poorly made tension springs cavity with (uneven) walls that seam to have no right angles. Will this be a problem if I install the Tremcradle?

Yes, absolutely! If so than at least the mounting wall has to be routed correctly so it is at a right angle to the axis or centerline of your guitar.

The hole in the sustain block of my tremolo that was original intended to receive the middle tension spring is not wide enough to receive the Tremcradle’s rod hooked end. What to do?

The hooked end of the rod is accepted by most tremolo sustain blocks. However, not all sustain blocks are made the same because there are many different tremolo manufacturers. Drill the middle hole slightly wider but no more than is necessary to receive the hook of the rod.

Note: some sustain blocks are made from hardened steel. These blocks can only be drilled with a hardened steel drill. Do not adapt the hook to the hole by any means!

The Tremcradle sustain clip that holds the rod in the sustain block of my Wilkinson / Gotoh tremolo is to short because it covers some of the receiving string holes which prevents me from changing strings properly. Is there a clip that will fit this type of tremolo?

Here we have the same situation with different tremolo manufacturers as mentioned before.

This tremolo was originally made in the U.S.A. and our Tremcradle sustain clip fits this American made tremolo / sustain block perfectly.

Everybody with the same problem will receive a clip that fits! Please write to your Dealer and describe the type of tremolo you have. Your Dealer will take it from there.