Welcome to the world of the amazing TREMCRADLE.

anthonyAnthony Dirckson, Founder and Director of Dircksons.com, developed the high performance worldwide registered TREMCRADLE to greatly extend the possibilities of fulcrum type tremolos.

Installed and adjusted, TREMCRADLE can quickly adapt your floating tremolo without the use of any tools, and so positively change your favorite guitar to any given playing situation, instantly!

With the TREMCRADLE you can go back and forth between several bridge modes, and all adjustments are accomplished within seconds.



Holds your free floating tremolo very well in tune, even after aggressive use.


Offers the unique possibility to quickly correct a full floating tremolo and so the tuning of your guitar in case a string breaks.


Can adjust and transform your full floating tremolo into a fixed bridge.


Can single lock the pull-up motion of your full floating tremolo.

For tuning stability players sometimes prefer to adjust the tremolo resting on the body of their guitar. Then often the bridge saddles are set higher in order to make playing with a heavier string attack possible, without notes choking on the frets. Also make sure you keep the room where you store your guitar with the appropriate temperature and humidity level. You might want to check out these smart thermostat reviews to get the perfect gadget that will do all the monitoring for you.


This however, creates a steep string angle from the hole of the bridge base plate to the saddle which can result in premature string breaking. Now you can raise the tremolo (set it floating first) and lower the saddles, because TREMCRADLE can lock the pull-up motion and so offers ‘TREMOLO ON THE BODY STABILITY’. This will also lower the profile of your tremolo which contributes to a more comfortable playing guitar.


TREMCRADLE adjusts your tremolo to a pre-set amount of tremolo pull-up. This means that you can precisely determine how much a strings tone can go up when you pull-up on the tremolo arm.

TREMCRADLE adjusts without tools to a stiffer moving tremolo, which simultaneously makes bending a string much more comfortable, and at the same time holds previous played strings in tune WHILE bending.

TREMCRADLE will fit in the standard tension-springs compartment of your guitar; there is no routing required. It comes supplied with a very clear written and photo illustrated manual.



  1. Turn the white anchor wheel to adjust the tremolo’s pull / tone-up possibility, or to lock the pull-up motion completely.
  2. Turn the tube-wheel to adjust the ease of tremolo use: from light to heavy moving, or to lock your tremolo into a fixed bridge.